Monday, June 19, 2017

Border Collie Visit

Sometimes we think about getting a dog. I'm tempted to buy a border collie pup because we recently went to visit some for sale at a Ryder Lake hobby farm. I was incredibly happy. It's been a long time since I've played with a litter of puppies and I wasn't expecting the rush of euphoria. They were so soft and adorable!

The australian shepherd and the canaan dog are other breeds I'm interested in. Hopefully we can set aside time to talk about it some more.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Leopards and Star Machines

So anyway, leopard print shoes are a thing. On Thursday, the lady who called my name at the optometrist's office was wearing them. She had a tattoo of flowers on the top of her left foot, dark blue and smudged a little. I thought about complimenting her on it, but when it comes to tattoos I like precision.

She led me to a tiny room where she blasted air into my eyes, one at a time. Then I did the field test in a different room where I stared through a lens at a green light for my eyes to be scanned. "Stare without blinking." That's what she told me. At one point she told me to focus on a star shaped sticker someone had pressed onto the machine itself.

At another machine I got to focus on a yellowish orange light and click a button whenever I'd see tiny white lights appear. They looked like stars. Not like stickers, but like actual stars in the night sky that would shine briefly then disappear. At this one I could blink as much as I wanted, but I didn't very much.

If they don't call me, it means my eyes are fine.

As I was getting into my Honda, a lady wearing a leopard print skirt exited the Windmill Deli, but I didn't get a good look at her face.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May Long Weekend

We went camping in Brookmere for the long weekend. Camping with families other than just our own is a great way to go! My love tank got fuller, so to speak. We set up our trailer beside my sister's family and joined the larger group in the evenings—most of whom were strangers to me with lots of children—for booze and fire, music blare and laughter. Plenty of F-Bombs to go around. I like drinking, but not too often, so I had what was familiar to me: blackberry wine. My brother-in-law, Rob, had a friend there who offered me a new taste, butterscotch something-or-other. At first I didn't want to try it but changed my mind and liked it, so I'll buy that one day if I find out what it's called.

They put on a fireworks show and Trevor was questioning, so I explained the guy could get injured while lighting them if he didn't back away fast enough but the risk was worth it because of how fireworks were so pretty. "Yeah," Trevor decided. "This is worth it."

Our nephew, sore from wiping out on the dirt bike, stayed with me and Trevor while the rest took recreational vehicles up the mountain to a place called Shovelnose where there's a helicopter landing pad with a view.

It's been a long time since I've done any off-roading so the next day when I joined Rob and Steph in their side-by-side, I freaked out a little when he drove us up a steep incline. I don't know what possessed me to take a cup of tea with me onto that thing! Hahaha. It didn't even have a lid on it. Anyway, Kevin and nephew were sitting on the seat behind us and we arrived at a flat area on the mountain where the guys from the larger group were shooting their guns.

The guys noticed me trying to cover my ears so they gave me their only pair of high-tech headphones for canceling gunshot noises. I felt like the luckiest the girl in the world! I could hear all the conversation, clear as crystal, and I could hear the bangs but they were no longer shocking.

Now I don't remember much of what was said, though. Somebody must've spit onto the ground somewhere because I remember one of the men laughing and saying, "F-ckin' courtesy spit." A black fly flew into his eye after that.

The mosquitoes were something else.

A few people said there were other bugs, too, but I didn't see those.

On Monday we took the side-by-side out into the meadows and headed for Thalia Lake, but other people were already there saying it was private, only for them. That's how we ended up going over to Boss Lake where there was a dock and marshy area. It was hot, so some of us went swimming. One of the other mothers thought I might be uncomfortable in my sweatpants, the ones I like to wear while camping, and I said, yeah, I was warm.

I wore my new glasses almost the entire time and they didn't break. Let's go camping again!